• Experience Professional Salesforce Development Services

    Experience Professional Salesforce Development Services

    Salesforce application development and integration

    As a Salesforce customer or partner, you may need qualified assistance with your Salesforce projects and this is where Softheme can be helpful.

    Our SFDC experts have a deep knowledge of modern technologies and the Salesforce platform and they are ready to assist you with custom application development and cloud application integration – anything you need to implement your ideas and the business needs of your customers in the most efficient way.

    You do the consulting job and we do the rest.


  • Get more out of software development and testing

    Get more out of software development
    and testing

    Outsource with The Technical Talent Company

    Custom software development for desktop PCs, mobile devices, cloud, and web; independent software testing and QA; remote system administration; marketing automation and SEO - we are ready to provide turn-key solutions and become your single point of contact for all of your project-related needs. You will be pleased by timeliness and quality, while competitive pricing will leave no doubts that you have made the right choice.

    With Softheme
    Ukraine will become your favorite offshore
    software development destination.


  • Create stunning and addictive mobile apps

    Create stunning and addictive mobile apps

    Mobile app development for all popular platforms

    We have been in mobile app development since 2008.

    Over the years our mobile development department has successfully delivered 100+ mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile platforms and devices.

    You will be impressed by trend awareness, timeliness, end-user focus, and advanced project management of our mobile development shop.

    We know how to make mobile apps engaging.


  • New approach to test automation

    New approach to test automation

    Get best-of-breed automated software testing

    We are ready to automate functional, GUI, regression, load, and stress testing for all types of software applications.

    You can leverage the full range of test automation services - from running standard tests with ready-to-use tools for developing test automation concept from scratch to creating custom test scripts.

    Give us a try with a minimal order of one specialist for one week and assure that:

    Softheme's automated testing services
    make time work for you.