Independent software testing and quality assurance

Recent projects

  • backup and recovery software

    Enterprise-level backup and recovery software

  • online short-term loans

    Mobile version of online short-term loan service

  • weather risk management system

    Web-based weather risk management system

Testing Tools

Selenium, JMeter, Postman, SoapUI, Firebug, JIRA, FogBugz, TFS, TeamCity, Github, SQL Server, Amazon, VMware, and more.

No bugs – no stress and no obstacles for success. Third-party software quality assurance from a professional QA team is a key to your end-user’s satisfaction.

Outsource your software testing to Softheme and maximize your benefits:

  • independent testers focus on your, but not developer’s, interests and business needs;
  • fresh view and sophisticated testing methodologies allow you detect and fix more defects;
  • be flexible in expanding or reducing the testing team with no extra charges;
  • reduce time-to-market with Immediate Project Start option;
  • involve technical talents with strong background and good command of English at the best possible rates.

Our independent software quality assurance company finds in 95% of cases more bugs than an in-house team would. Ukraine is acknowledged as one of the best offshore software testing destinations, and Softheme knows how to inspire local technical talents to focus on end-users’ expectations and provide creative testing strategies.

See why working with us will be a perfect investment for you.

Enjoy outstanding software testing services with Softheme.