Software Development & Testing

Outsourcing of software development with us is a great way to save money without compromising on quality: you not only get well-designed and efficient solutions, but also the experience and collective knowledge of our team of software engineering and business process professionals at your disposal.

You will surely be interested in the solutions that we can offer to you. Please contact us at

The world’s leading technology companies trust us with the development of their software products which has involved over 11 million man-hours of development in C# .Net and C++, Angular, Salesforce, as well as manual and automated testing of software, plus creating cloud applications for Azure and Amazon.

We also deal with data science, cyber-security, and we provide Salesforce administration services. We have also done great things on our own, including the development of original training courses for Salesforce users and administrators, and our own line of products in the field of system administration and security, virtualization, and tools for software development.

Top brands like Dell, Quest Software, Kyocera, and SABIS trust us with their projects.

We are a Salesforce
Silver Consulting Partner
User interface development, front-end, using Angular, React Native Android and iOS applications in Kotlin/Java and Swift/ObjectiveC
Developing the functionality, back-end, in Node.js (Express, or PHP (Laravel, Symfony)
Customization of and custom application development for Salesforce
Cross-platform mobile applications using React Native, Xamarin
Developing Cloud-applications for Azure and Amazon AWS
Development on Salesforce Lightning, customization and development of Salesforce Field Service Lightning
About us

We have been developing and testing software since 2006. The founders of the company and key people in the team are developers by trade, all having a solid working experience not only in Ukraine but abroad. Our approach is based on our interest in all information technologies, so we not only create software, but we live it.

We work out of our state of the art loft-style office space, which is in the center of Kyiv the beating heart of Ukraine’s vibrant tech scene. From this workspace we not only work but we also hold training sessions and meet with our many clients.

You or anyone else is always welcome to swing by for a chat to run anything by us, get some ideas, or ask for our help. We say that as already with our help, many companies from the USA, Great Britain, and the European Union have achieved great success in part with software developed and tested by our team.

Why softheme?
  • Our developers are recognized experts in their field, and they have a lot of experience working with large projects under their belts.
  • You get guaranteed quality for your product, and we are ready to fix any issues fast and at no cost.
  • We are professionals with more than 10 years of experience, and we are a great value for what we bring to the table. Therefore, with our company, you will get a better product, and if there ever would be a need for some follow-up improvements, these will take only minimal efforts. As a result, projects are completed faster, which reduces your costs.
  • With the help of our transparent system, you will be able to monitor execution and progress toward deadlines at intermediate stages. Therefore, you are always aware of what is going on with the project and whether or not the schedule is on track.
  • Our testing and QA procedures are configured to identify the maximum number of errors in the earliest stages of development.

You get code that is secured against any break while in use so your end users will not have some unexpected surprises, and your intellectual rights of code are 100% protected with the help of our practices in the areas our security of networks, programs, and writing code.

You get your projects completed faster as we constantly invest into the growth and training of our employees. Therefore, their higher skills and competencies help them produce a quality product 77% faster than other developers.

Our team
5 Dilova str., building 10A
Kyiv, Ukraine