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Why Companies Like To Work With Us

Daniel - Sales Director

Dan Fitzner

Sales Director

Perfect communication

The team does not necessarily have to have “perfect” English, but what they must have is “perfect” communication!

Vadim - Partner, CEO

Dr. Vadim Sharko

Partner, CEO

Proactive approach

Once the goal is set we focus on the end result; from Senior Developer to Junior Document Writer we all are involved in the process of building innovative, reliable software for our clients. Our knowledge and experience serve this goal as well as our dedication; we brainstorm, argue, suggest and discuss ideas, often turning our clients’ attention to not very obvious solutions helping to deliver competitive software product.

Iryna - Managing Partner

Iryna Tsulaia

Managing Partner

Actualised development and testing processes

A seamless integration with an onsite team is one of the primary tasks for Softheme. Developers and testers undergo training, participate in meetings, travel to the client’s facility collaborating closely with their colleagues on the client side. As a result all the processes are crafted to efficiently achieve client’s business goals.

Why Us

Softheme’s team brings knowledge, experience, and dedication to your software project

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Who We Are?

Softheme is a long-established Ukrainian software outsourcing provider. The company helps customers in North America, UK, and EU develop and test their software.

Softheme is five thousands square meters of creative workspace located downtown Kyiv: offices, training and learning studios, cafe.

Among our customers: one of the world’s largest computer manufacturer, the most innovative on-premises cloud infrastructure provider, fast-growing Norwegian company which built and promotes an European biggest online printing network, a UK company which develops one of the biggest full-circle HR management system, London-based real-estate agency, the top Irish horse-racing community.

The major departments are: C#.Net, Testing and Quality Assurance, Salesforce development, and Web and Mobile Apps development.

Serving clients All over the world

Softheme Clients Map

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Easy Engagement

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Whether you need one or two resources to help with a proof of concept or an entire product delivery team, you can easily engage just the resources you need, when you need them

Services provided by Softheme

C#.Net Development

Softheme’s C#.Net developers have over 10 years of experience in developing complex and efficient software products with Microsoft technologies

Salesforce Development

Salesforce development department has the largest certified by Salesforce development team in Europe

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our testing and QA procedures are set to maximize number of bugs found on early stages of development process for seamless release and support of software products

Web and Mobile Development

Softheme developers build web solutions and mobile apps based on popular frameworks with a focus on performance and stability. Our web applications are responsive and mobile friendly

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